Our actions

AMO debates, commits studies, leads working groups and participle in diverse raising activities and of formation.

The Visits : Cross the looks

Visits of current or recent realizations to listen to the MOA and the architects redraw the genesis of their projects, to reveal the constraints and the implemented methodology. A debate to appreciate the interweaving of the roles, in the service of the project.


The Conferences and Debates : Meet our peers and have a dialogue

Conferences on the practices of the project ownership. Private promoters, public project owners, business managers, operators of social housing, local elected representatives express themselves on their practice, their policy concerning architecture and their relations with the architects. Architects explain their professional practice and their relations with the clients.


The Journeys : Mix studies and discoveries

For every association, an annual journey in the discovery of realizations and meetings-debates with the actors of the operations, the urban great masters of work and the local architectural institutions. 
An opening in Europe or even to the world when it is Chicago, Hong-Kong, Dubai or Seoul – to confront the practices. If London, Berlin, Madrid, Lisbon, Copenhagen matter among the visited capitals, Graz, Malmö, Ljubljana and Valencia are other fascinating destinations.