The Charter AMO : build the dialogue for the architectural quality

A place of dialogue between Project owners, Architects and other partners of the act to build.

Exchange and knowledge of the skills and the responsibilities of other one are the essential conditions of the success of the project.

Shares for the exchange and the formation, a watch on the evolutions of the jobs and the modes of production, times convenient to the sharing of knowledge and experiences in France and abroad, make of AMO a place of opening, culture and mutual understanding, in the respect for each.


Dialogue between Project owners and Architects, what ambitions?

Mutual understanding and quality of the relations between Project owners and masters of work are the watchwords of AMO for 30 years.

By demonstrating actively the necessity to » live together « , the dialogue invites to be self-aware and to recognize the missions and the responsibilities of each so that always succeed more operations where the architectural quality conjugates with the economy reasoned by the program.


An objective of current events?

Because of the economic constraint, the relations between the various actors of the act to build are sometimes tightened.

By generating evolutions in the production of the built, the crisis obliged the actors to modify their rapid practices.

In the face of new expectations (societal values, quality of life), at new needs (density, functional and social mixing), to new modus operandi, to new tools (conception, BIM), in new constructive modes and compared to the evolution accelerated by the standards and by the regulatory and environmental framework, he could not be there otherwise.


A new context ?

It is not a umpteenth crisis of surmounting by bending over but of a deep transfer which imposes new methods. Our jobs and our practices are affected under all their aspects: training and education, exercise of the occupations and the jobs, the definition of the objectives, the establishment of partnerships, apprehension of tools …


AMO, place of exchanges ?


Yes … And it is all together, by the division of experiences, by the common reflection on the evolution of our jobs that we shall give ourselves the ways to face.

It is a question of expressing together our ambition, of being strength of proposal and of assuming completely our corporate social responsibilities.

The way is narrow but it is the ambition of AMO today and it joins in its mission of always which is to work at the promotion of the architectural quality by the empowerment of all the actors of the act to build.


Olivier Herbemont, President of AMO NATIONAL